Swara Bhaskar: How failed acting career can force you to join ranks with Tukde Tukde gang to prove your existence


Bollywood is often connected with shaming Hindutva and insulting religious faith. It is often seen that Bollywood spreads rampant lies by distorting many historical facts in well-known movies that were of high sentiment value for the people. Even a few actors go many steps ahead to play a publicity stunt by visiting universities like JNU and Jamia to show solidarity with the students and raise a political sensationalization to gain popularity. One such event that can be recalled is of Deepika Padukone who visited JNU to raise slogans with the students to promote her movie “Chhapaak”, resulting in hurting sentiments of many which tore down her rating card on Box office.

However, all limits were truly surpassed when the actor turned left-winger Swara Bhaskar was dropped out of her acting career which forced her to get involved with daily politics. Her last movie “Veere De Wedding” was released in 2018 which received extremely poor ratings by the audience and was even banned in her beloved Pakistan for using vulgar dialogues. Surprisingly, her film was banned after she visited their country in order to get some local brownie points for popularity and while returning she even mentioned it as the “best country she ever visited” on Twitter.

Soon all fake compliments faded after her movie received a total ban from Pakistani government which forced her to change her previous statement to “What can you expect from a state that is run by Sharia law” and also labeling it as “failing state”

To begin with, it is evident that Swara Bhaskar’s state of mind is not stable when it comes to participating in political debates or giving a political speech. She has been roasted by twitter on multiple incidents for changing her stance in the past but yet the fact that stays relevant is that she is not eligible enough to speak politically.

Her last movie also set a perfect example of how you can insult Hindu traditions, the culture of marriage and showing all the wrong ways of how women empowerment can be achieved. Today is indeed women’s day and let us throw some highlights over why not to be like Swara Bhaskar if you want to pursue a responsible life and good career growth.

JNU Teri himmat ko….De salam de salam….

Swara @jamia university

Swara Bhaskar is a JNU pass out but rather than encouraging students to pursue studies she goes there to support Urban-Naxals who raise anti-India slogans almost every day. This is one of the visual of how JNU is raising anti-national slogans against Delhi police

Her Instagram post around January was for solidarity with students in Pakistan who were fueling the protest in JNU and there was no one stopping her or feeding her wisdom about the current tensions that our police and army have to undergo.

Delhi riots took place because of hypocrites like Swara Bhaskar, Amanatullah Khan and Waris Pathan open gave out hate-filled speeches against Hindus. Even Delhi high court issued fresh notices on the application that were seeking NIA investigation and FIR on Swara Bhaskar and 2 others.

A picture that can be drawn from her participation in anti-social activities is clear that Swara is out of work from 2018 and desperately needs to stay relevant. She is following a pattern to stay into existence her poor attempt at politics and that is to join every possible event, cause, and movement that is against India and against Hindutva just to get attention and to look unique in some sense that she believes is sane. She is now a part of that Bollywood group who daily brainwash viewers by feeding them the glorification of Islam and Naxalism.

Swara Bhaskar with Kanhaiya Kumar during Bihar elections

She is no more a celebrity now, but just someone who is now a member of urban Naxals who sang Tukde Tukde anthem along with Kanhaiya Kumar and Co. in JNU. She is the one who is fighting along with self-declared innocents of Jamia who threw stones at police, burnt vehicles in mass and later ran away into the library to shelter themselves from their lathi-charge to prove their victimhood on cameras. She is the one with Pakistani protestors who are daily waging cyberwar on the internet by circulating mass propaganda against India.

When you read about the Delhi riots and other such violence that took place all over the nation where people from the peaceful community is burning buses and destroying public property, there will be someone like Swara Bhaskar who will be protecting them and instigating the violence by their hateful, falsified and research lacking unacknowledged speeches somewhere in the university or on the corner of the road.

India will not forgive and never forget these faces.


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